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Pronounced "/ˈnärlē/", this word has more meaning than meets the eye; originally used to mean "unpleasant or unattractive", it has come to be used as a slang word for something that's really exceptional. Isn't that gnarly, dude?

About Kyle

I'm a PHP programmer who dabbles with CodeIgniter, WordPress and Drupal in my spare time. I work an 8-5 job at WRL Advertising, Inc... programming the web.

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PHP Downloadables

Eventually, I hope to have a list of downloadable classes for PHP. Currently, I have an uploader class mostly completed; it makes uploads a little easier to work with, and handles multifile uploads with ease.

Uploader Class: Download | Documentation

I'm working on a Static Database class for usage with PHP, PDO and SQLite, though since it uses PDO, it should be compatible with any PDO driver, with configuration.